Sometimes your bookkeeping falls behind when you are focused on new projects and scheduled deadlines. Catching up on your accounting is crucial for your business to avoid losses.

The earlier you address the issue, the better. But catching up is time consuming and distracts you from managing your business. 

Here is what our Catch-Up Bookkeeping Include

Reconciled bank accounts

Eliminate Book Errors

Debt Balance REconciliation

Financial Statements

Reconciled credit card accounts

Payroll reconciliation

Accurate Asset Balances

Tax Ready Financials

Catch up bookkeeping

What to Expect during a catch up?

Throughout the catch-up process, we meticulously review and categorize older transactions, gradually progressing toward the present. Our focus is to address overlooked tasks and rectify any accounting discrepancies to ensure accuracy and completeness. 

Stress Free


Easy to Get Started

How Much does it coST?

It depends on how long you have ignored your books and how messy your records are. Depending on the size of your business and the complexity of the catch-up work, you can expect to pay anywhere from $250 per month to $650 per month. 

Schedule a call so we can discuss your situation and determine with you how many months you need updated. Once you are caught up, we can take over your monthly bookkeeping, so you never fall behind again.