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About Us
Hi there! My name is Liz Callejas and I am a mother, wife, ambitious entrepreneur, and dedicated bookkeeper. I entered into bookkeeping for small businesses because I wanted to help business owners focus on what they really love. Business is already complicated enough and adding accounting into the mix only makes it more so. I desired to help small businesses by explaining their financials so that they can spend more time on what they really love. To that end, I founded Bookkeeping Dynamix to be a long-standing resourceful and trusted service for small businesses to acquire well-organized and insightful financial reports that can help you to run your business with confidence.

When deciding on a company name, I knew I needed to choose something that represented what I wished to achieve by working closely with small business owners. My biggest goal was, and still is, to be a source of dynamic change for business owners who could bring useful and new ideas to the table for the purpose of having a positive impact on the company. Given that my passion and specialization is bookkeeping, it only seemed natural to combine the two and the name Bookkeeping Dynamix was born. The spelling itself was created to represent the unique flare that I can bring when working with you.

Besides offering bookkeeping services to small companies, I began to offer training services for accounting software. As a bookkeeper, I understand how difficult it can be to work with some of the complex and in-depth online accounting software. I wanted to help my clients use QuickBooks which, in my experience, is one of the best bookkeeping software services available. I started by posting how to tutorials and tips on my YouTube channel and the support made me realize how many people would benefit from formal QuickBooks training. Some companies don’t need full bookkeeping services and just need help getting up and running. It was because of this that I founded EC QuickBooks Training as a division of Bookkeeping Dynamix, where I walk clients through one-on-one specialized tutorials.

Entrepreneurs set out to create their dream company and bookkeeping tasks typically aren’t the exciting part. However, I have a passion for what I do and am honored to be trusted by so many clients as their go-to for financial services; allowing them to have more time to focus on building their company up.

Building a client’s understanding regarding their financials and working closely with them to solve their bookkeeping needs is my craft and what I love to do. Connect with my today or watch some of my videos on YouTube to see me in action.

I hope to be your reliable and trusted source for bookkeeping services.



– Liz Callejas

Our Mission and Core Values

Our Mission

Provide small business owners with the tools they need to succeed in their business by transforming information into insights with well-organized and well-balanced financial reporting our clients can run their business with confidence.  With our unique experiences and expertise and with passion we will support our clients and we will strive to deliver quality solutions to increase their growth.

Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Simple
  • Detail Oriented