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Hi there, I have been doing tax preparation for over 6 years. I perform this service virtually. I use secure portals and apps from receiving your paperwork to you signing your return. Making you confident of my tax preparation service. 

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Whether it’s fixing your car or homeschooling your children, there’s something empowering about going the “do it yourself” route. It’s nice to have control over the things that matter the most to you.

But there are other situations in which you need to hire a professional.

What about your taxes? Should you hire a professional tax service or should you take on the task yourself?

Here’s what you need to know.


Self-Prepared Tax Filing

There are some benefits to self-prepared tax filing.

For one thing, it allows you to do your taxes on your own schedule. You don’t have to make appointments or work around someone else’s timeline. There is a great sense of freedom in doing your taxes early on Saturday morning while still wearing your pajamas.

Another nice benefit to preparing your own taxes is that it gives you first-hand knowledge of your own finances.  It’s definitely empowering to take control of your own money in this way.

But of course, the biggest reason that people cite for doing their own taxes is that you get to keep your entire refund for yourself, making this a very financially appealing option.

However, not everything is as it seems. There are some compelling reasons why you might decide to hire a professional to do the job for you.


Professional Tax Service

When your taxes are simple and straightforward, it’s not hard to do them yourself.

But how often is that true? If you have to declare self-employment income, claim deductions, or own rental property, you’re looking at a fairly complex tax situation.

Not to mention, the tax laws are always changing. In 2020 alone, there are several changes to the tax laws, as there are every year.

A professional tax preparer is familiar with all these laws and changes, and can save you some major hassles down the road. This is especially true if the IRS audits you; in that case, it’s a huge relief to have a professional in your corner.

Another perk to hiring a professional: it frees up some of your time to focus on other things. For most people, time is money. And let’s face it, spending hours on a weekend puzzling over complicated tax forms is not anyone’s idea of a good time.

As for saving money, it may surprise you to learn that hiring a professional to do your taxes will likely cost less than doing them yourself!

Why, you ask?

Because a professional can find all sorts of deductions and loopholes that wouldn’t even be on the radar of an amateur.

In addition, an amateur is much more likely to make mistakes. And when it comes to filing your taxes, mistakes can cost you big time.

If you are in the process of growing a business, these mistakes can even come back to haunt you years later. And who needs that?

Sure, hiring a professional may cost you more up front.

But the long-term benefits, financially and personally, more than pay for themselves.


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